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Reese Law Group is a civil litigation law firm representing clients in all stages of collections, subrogation, replevin, and bankruptcy matters. Our approach is simple. We act with integrity, practice conservatively, and think progressively. With nearly thirty years of experience, we continue to effectively achieve our professional mission: to maximize recovery and minimize liability exposure for our clients.

Demand Letters

The firm first mails out demand letters that notify responsible parties of valid claims against them and informs them of their legal rights.

Pre-Litigation Resolution

Trained customer service representatives and specialists then work with the parties to hopefully negotiate a reasonable settlement.


When the parties do not settle, our seasoned attorneys will file a legal action and proceed until the parties reach a disposition or the trial court enters a judgment.

Post-Judgment Recovery

The firm continues to recover for clients through garnishments and bank account levies when necessary in addition to recording abstracts and renewing judgments.

Compliance Management

Ensuring that the firm meets every legal, regulatory and client standard, our compliance management team remains connected to all business activities.

Professional, Ethical, Efficient. With highly skilled employees, a well developed infrastructure and compliance management program, RLG produces exceptional results above and beyond industry standards.

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