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Overview Of Services

Representing numerous carriers, the firm’s subrogation department prosecutes insurance claims ranging from auto, property, and commercial losses to first party reimbursement and fraud claims throughout the State of California.

Auto Subrogation

The firm handles volume auto subrogation throughout the State of California, prosecuting both insured (whether subject to arbitration or not) and uninsured cases. All stages of non-arbitrational claims, from intake to the taking of assets and privileges after judgment, are streamlined to leverage every legal and psychological advantage available, to produce maximum netback for our clients. When a file comes in, we promptly contact and work with the insured to secure testimony and resolve any “made whole” issues before filing suit. As a courtesy, and where feasible, we offer to pursue the insured’s deductible and any other uncovered losses. This helps avoid “made whole” and evidentiary problems which can surface after suit is filed. Our numbers speak for themselves. To date, the firm has filed over 50,000 lawsuits and has collected over $200,000,000, most of which came from the pockets of ordinary people. The common thought is you cannot recover from underinsured or uninsured drivers, our numbers prove that you can get money out of these drivers with the right strategy.

California Property & Commercial Subrogation

The firm prosecutes all types of subrogation cases arising from property and commercial policies throughout the State of California. Whether the loss resulted from a product, negligence, or an intentional act, the firm is prepared to assist the carrier in obtaining the proper cause and origin experts and will aggressively litigate while providing outstanding service for our clients.


First Party
Reimbursement and Fraud

Collection of reimbursement claims (med pay), double recovery claims, and claims for fraud against a carrier’s own insured, when based upon a consumer’s insurance policy, are subject to the State and Federal FDCPA. Because the firm has been collecting consumer debt for over 20 years, we are well versed in all applicable collection laws. As such, we aggressively prosecute such cases without violating the collection laws. As to med pay, we do sue both the insured and, with creative but effective theories, the injury attorney who failed to pay the claim. From start to finish, we utilize both legal and psychological strategies to recover. The firm also works with SIU departments to recover fraudulent claims and will sue the insured for fraud or file suit in the name of The State of California on behalf of the carrier, if advantageous.


Cost Judgment & Recovery

When a carrier successfully defends its insured, the court usually awards a cost judgment in favor of the prevailing defendant. Unless that judgment is collected, it’s nothing but a piece of paper that becomes worthless when the enforcement period expires. Instead of letting these judgments age and die, we enforce them. This involves getting the insured to execute the required paperwork and proceeding with enforcement so the carrier can recoup its costs plus interest.


Cost Advancing

While costs are the responsibility of the client, they are recoverable first, without any commission, and the firm is able to advance litigation costs for carriers. Advancing costs speeds up the lawsuit process. Debtors move around, transfer their assets, leave the state, retire and pass away. As a general rule, the faster you sue, the better the return. Cost advancing allows us to sue when we’re ready which increases recovery rates.

Status Reports

The firm uses powerful collection software designed to manage high volume practices. We can easily generate reports that provide whatever data our clients need. So instead of having to call or email about the status of a case or two periodically, we have the ability to send reports of the entire file portfolio whenever the client needs it, i.e., monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc.