Demands • Pre-Litigation • Litigation • Post Judgement

Overview Of Services

We provide legal services in the form of demand letters, pre-litigation collections, full suit litigation, and post judgment collections.


Upon receipt of an account, it is reviewed by an attorney to ensure the claim is legally valid. If the claim is legally valid a demand letter is sent demanding payment of the debt and an acknowledgment letter or report is returned to the client.

Pre-Litigation Collection

If the demand letter does not result in payment the account is assigned to an experienced customer service representative, who investigates the debtor with our extensive collection resources to locate assets, employment, and other relevant collection information. After the investigation, the customer service representative attempts to settle the dispute according to the client’s standards.


If the customer service representative is unable to settle the matter, the file is transferred to the litigation department, and a law suit is filed. The secondary goal is to negotiate a settlement or a payment plan. The third goal is to obtain and enforce a judgment.

Post Judgment Collection

Once a judgment is obtained, the file is assigned to the post judgment department for the recording of abstracts and the execution of bank account levies and wage garnishments where available.